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Store Capacity

How high can I fill my store and what are the factors that limit the amount of crop that I can safely load and dry?


  1. The storage height depends on the design height of the store – don’t overload!
  2. For grain drying, storage height is normally 10’ or 12’ deep.
  3. The size of the fan dictates the drying capacity of the store.
  4. Generally work on 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm) per ton of crop e.g. a 30kw fan producing 30,000 cfm at 4.0” standard water gauge pressure will dry 300 tons of grain at one time at 10’ deep. e) The pressure that the fan has to work against to force the air through the crop is dictated by crop type, storage depth and ventilation rate.
  5. The optimal ventilation rate for grain is 20 ft/min through the crop at 8’ to 10’ deep and 24 ft/min at 12’ deep.