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Confidence in our design,
materials and care in
manufacturing and installation
is reflected in our
10-year warranty.

FLR Crop Drying is a brand
of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

On Floor Storage

Flach & Le-Roy drive-on ventilated floors provide a flexible, reliable and efficient crop/woodchip drying and storage system, which can easily handle the throughput of modern machinery. Our floors are designed and manufactured to a high specification using top-grade hardwood and softwood boards, supplied in short lengths for ease of maintenance.

Our hardwood top boards are manufactured from selected Keruing timber, which is kiln-dried prior to precision machining to eliminate the potential for shrinkage. This treatment significantly reduces the risk of a ventilation mesh becoming detached in service.

For our optional softwood top boards and in all our bearers we use slow-growing, hard wearing Baltic, Russian or Scandinavian timber, which provides excellent wear characteristics,

Our floors will withstand up to the 10-ton pneumatic tyre axle loads regularly experienced with modern farm machinery. What’s more, the floors are built to a modular design on-site to enable adjustment to fit variations in concrete floor levels.

Flach & Le-Roy flooring allows for even air distribution ideal for difficult-to-dry crops.


Under Floor Sealing

With under-floor partitioning and plywood sealing strips there is no ‘wasted’ air; you only blow where it is needed. The total area of the floor and the height at which the crop/woodchip is to be dried and stored dictates the bearer depth. Intermediate bearers stationed between the main bearers give the floor added strength and stability under high traffic loads.

Under Floor Sealing
Self Installation

Self Installation

For clients wishing to self-install our floors you can be supplied with everything from timber bearers, top boards and galvanized steel mesh to the hire of specialist equipment and one day’s free training to get started.

Expert Installation

Alternatively, a full installation service can be provided and our highly experienced teams work quickly and efficiently to achieve excellent results.

Expert Installation
Quality and Customer Service

Quality and Customer Service

Flexibility is one of our key assets. We provide a bespoke service, with products designed, manufactured and specified to each customer’s individual requirements. Having assessed what is right for you, your buildings and your investment, we will deliver a solution that guarantees both quality, value and expert help when you need it.