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Confidence in our design,
materials and care in
manufacturing and installation
is reflected in our
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FLR Crop Drying is a brand
of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

About the Building

I want to convert an existing farm building into a drying and storage facility. What factors need I consider when planning a drive-on-floor installation?


  1. The type of crops that are to be stored.
  2. Headroom for tipping trailers.
  3. Whether the building structure is suitable for the side loads transmitted by the stored crop or whether you need internal thrust walls.
  4. Vehicular and pedestrian access into the building.
  5. The availability of the electrical power supply.
  6. If you are currently using the building as a store, where you will store the equipment when you have completed the conversion.
  7. Whether you have a choice of locating the main air duct centrally or down one side of the building. 
  8. Where you intend to site the fans – internal or external fan house
  9. Whether your existing concrete floor is suitable to accept a drive-on floor.
  10. How you will make the building vermin and bird proof. 

I am planning to erect a new building on my site and then install a drive-on-floor drying and storage facility; can I get help with the planning?


We work closely with our distributors many of whom can offer not only advice on planning issues enhanced by local knowledge but also a full design and planning application service. 

Whether your building is new or a converted grain store we can design, build and supply a drive-on floor or box store system to fit your needs.

We have converted a wide variety of farm buildings into efficient and effective bulk drying and storage facilities